At Collab Con, we believe that when we seek guidance from the Lord and surrender to His plans, we will find great joy in the journey . . . no matter where the road leads. 


Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

- Proverbs 16:3

However, sometimes the road can be confusing. There are twists and turns and unexpected detours. We veer right when we should go left and we find ourselves begging God to send a pillar of smoke to lead the way. 

That's why we have outlined four main goals for your time at Collab Con:

  1. Learn

  2. Create

  3. Receive

  4. Attain

Each of these intentions will help you realize your God-given potential and help you use your gifts to bless others.






Our goal for you is to LEARN how to:

  • earn a living as a writer

  • build your platform as a writer/blogger/author/speaker

  • write a book proposal that will get noticed

  • approach agents

  • approach publishers

  • decide if traditional or self-publishing is right for you


We will also give you the opportunity to CREATE:

  • a professional and personal network with other writers

  • time and space to reflect and write

  • goals that are challenging, yet achievable

  • friendships and a strong community with other Christian writers that lasts beyond the conference


​At Collab Con you will RECEIVE:

  • encouragement in your skills and giftings

  • affirmation in your writing journey

  • inspiration to write in a fresh new way

  • practical advice from writers, authors, a literary agent, and other industry leaders


​Finally, we will have missed the mark if you don't ATTAIN:

  • greater confidence in your writing abilities

  • confirmation in God's call to share your story

  • clarity about the direction of your writing journey

  • clarity about your platform

  • stronger social media marketing skills

  • confidence in knowing there is room for you at the table to share your story and use gifts

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